Happily Cinemarried Podcast

About Happily Cinemarried

One of the things my husband Terry and I bonded over when we met was our love of movies. We both had worked in video stores back in the 90s and he wrote film scripts (and filmed one of them as a short story) while I was learning about screenwriting and filmmaking (at college and through self-study). After we got hitched, we began an evening ritual of movie-watching and back-massaging. 

Those evenings would contribute to lively discussions over coffee the next morning, wherein the film we watched would be analyzed and dissected to the Nth degree, but not in a way that was overkill, more like we'd delve into the deeper meanings and what we'd change (if anything). Finally one day, we realized we'd love to share these conversations with the world so we started Happily Cinemarried!

Each episode, we choose a theme to discuss, like Season 1, Episode 2's "Movies We Shouldn't Have Seen When We Were Kids". We will also have running themes, like "Original Vs Remake" and "Second Opinions: Films We Revisited". Every episode is unscripted, so you won't hear a professor's lecture, just a married couple sharing their opinions and some trivia!

You can find Happily Cinemarried wherever you prefer downloading podcasts, including iTunes and Spotify. And if you love us as much as we hope you do, please consider becoming a patron on our Patreon!