The Naked Advice

What's 'Naked Advice?'

Good question! A few years ago I created, a blog where anyone could write me about their deepest secrets and relationship issues. The Naked Advice is a place where non-judgment reigns and everything from dating dilemmas to sexual fetishes are discussed. 

The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the nude modeling I've done for my photographer husband, but it's mostly about the straight talk you'd receive in my replies!  

I also have a YouTube channel, The Naked Advice with Liz LaPoint. The channel has almost 4 million views and thousands of subscribers, but I'm not currently creating new videos. 

Check it out:

I am grateful to everyone who wrote me over the years, entrusting me with advice for very personal situations, but I am no longer accepting and answering letters to The Naked Advice. Instead, I will be turning my blog into a book, wherein I will include essays on my personal experiences and perspectives giving advice and making YouTube videos. 

Thank you for your support!

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For almost 20 years as a single woman dating, I learned lessons about myself, love, personalities, expectations, communication, and compatibility.  I also spent more than 15 years studying psychology and human behavior in college and daily life. I married my brilliant husband Terry in 2011, and we have a beautiful son.

I believe in being sex positive and developing healthy boundaries and attitudes, things that are often sorely lacking in our world. 

I believe in body positivity, love, and living fearlessly. I’ve posed nude for art, and modeling for my husband’s photography (as well as some professional modeling) has been a fulfilling artistic endeavor.

I believe in education, science, curiosity, imagination, art, and the freedom to pursue them. 

I sometimes write about the intersectionality of race in America and dating, since I have unique experiences and perspectives from being half white and half black. I’m Ethiopian, Norwegian, and French, none of which are apparent to most people, thus the most common question I’ve been asked is “What is your ethnicity?”

I survived a brain tumor, Minnesota winters, driving in Los Angeles, giving birth, and a “haunted” hotel. I look forward to surviving whatever else life throws my way!

Liz LaPoint