Liz LaPoint

Artist - Podcaster - Relationship Advisor

About Me



My family is everything to me. My husband Terry is not just my life partner, he's my creative partner and muse. And our young son is the world to us, he inspires us to be better people every day. Terry and I have created books together, an ad campaign for engagement rings, and more, but our current creative partnership is our podcast, Happily Cinemarried!



I'm inspired by many things, but mostly by color, the tropics, and the beach life. I started painting in 2017 and am self-taught. I began painting abstract art and now like to paint still life. 



When I was a kid I was a total bookworm. Absorbing all sorts of fiction, I eventually began preferring nonfiction in adulthood. I love to read about psychology, sociology, true crime, and memoirs.  I write essays on relationships and culture, in relation to my blog The Naked Advice.