Liz LaPoint started The Naked Advice in late 2014 as an antidote to all the faith-based misinformation about love, sex, and relationships on the internet. Wanting to fight the shame and stigma that can keep people from developing healthy sex lives and relationships, she gave sex-positive, science-based advice on both her blog and YouTube channel, sometimes consulting Toronto psychotherapist Rob Peach and physiotherapist Dr. Susie Gronski for help answering letters. 

Liz also gained valuable insight from her readers and subscribers who opened up to her about their experiences in the letters and messages they sent.


Particularly fascinated by sexual fetishes, Liz created videos for her channel that explored the psychological and biological theories that may help explain them. Shocked at how little sexual fetishes have been scientifically studied, she wanted to dig deeper in an effort to understand if they're more nature, nurture, or both.

No longer content to be an outside observer relying on what limited information science has provided, Liz became what she says can be best described as "part undercover journalist and part covert participant observer." For five years she worked as a financial dominatrix and foot fetish model. She is writing a book that details these sometimes shocking, sometimes funny experiences and her profound insider knowledge.

Liz was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After surviving a benign brain tumor at 18 years old, she majored in the social sciences in college, with an emphasis on human sexuality and forensic psychology. While living in Southern California, she navigated the dating scene and gained the experiences and wisdom she would later share on The Naked Advice. She met her photographer husband, Terry Osterhout in 2010 and became his muse.

In her free time Liz enjoys oil painting, reading nonfiction, baking, and hiking with her husband and son. She also cohosts a podcast with her husband, Happily Cinemarried, where they enjoy taking turns choosing a film to watch and review.